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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LIP (living in permaculture)

living in permaculture - i spent the last week wanting to go to australia to do an internship in permaculture at milkwood or tagari or elsewhere. to go anywhere i could learn more about permaculture - seeing it in action. it has been quite a process - budgeting and trying to arrange my responsibilities. it would mean at least a two month committment, $2500 flight, lost wages (possibly a lost job), dog care for two months, missing planting season here on the west coast of canada, etc.

the upside would have been exchanging canada's winter for australia's summer and learning SO MUCH!!! one major down side would be to have spent $4500 (all told) so i could work on someone else's property instead of spending that money here, on our 5 acres!!! i have taken the permaculture desgn course and yes, in all likelihood i will make mistakes, but they'll be my mistakes and whatever infrastructure - like fencing - will still be there. and I WILL LEARN!!!!!!!!!!

thus i am setting a budget to get as much as i can out of the money - first things first would be a plan including a topographical map of our land and home!!!

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